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Hi guys,

welcome to the Beta of ChopChopChop !

A little introduction&history: my name is Idzard Kwadijk, and I earn my living as a freelance TouchDesigner consultant. For many years, it has been my wish to create a marketplace for TouchDesigner. Because during the many chats I've had with lots of TouchDesigner developers all around the world, one of the issues which always comes up is that everybody has to re-invent the wheel all the time. For instance, at this moment there must be dozens of similar media servers or VFX which are currently being developed in Touchdesigner simultaneously around the world, and every time all those developers have to start from scratch again.
This can make a TouchDesigner project sometimes more expensive and/or harder so sell to a client, compared to an off-the-shelf media server which has lots of modules&effects included which are click and play.
Also, it can be difficult for beginners to make a flying start in TouchDesigner, and if you've never worked in TouchDesigner before, it can take years before you are able to create the art that you had in mind.

So after lots of those discussions, also on the Facebook Help Group, I finally remembered I had been an e-commerce web developer in another life. So, I started hacking, and for the last two years (on/off between paid projects, and starting over several times) I've been developing this marketplace, called ChopChopChop.

My goals with ChopChopChop are:

1) make it easy for developers to get their projects off the ground by downloading/buying existing modules (which should also make it cheaper/faster/more interesting for new clients to order a project to be made in TouchDesigner)
2) give experienced TD developers an incentive to release all their already made modules to the public instead of keeping them private, by enabling them to earn some bread with their hard work
3) stimulate growth of TouchDesigner community & TD usage in the field.
4) stimulate the development of TouchDesigner by Derivative.

If you register as a Publisher you can submit assets for review. To guarantee high quality content, all asset submissions will be reviewed before being approved. And I need your help in fine-tuning the Submission Guidelines, to make sure all assets are high-quality and easy to implement for everybody.

So, take a look, try to break it, and please report all the bugs/weird stuff you will come across in the Bug Forum, give suggestions about better Submission Guidelines in the Submisson Guidelines forum, other suggestions in the Wishlist and RFE forum, and, of course, please upload your assets! You can set your own price, and yes, also free assets are super welcome!

Have fun!

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That awkward moment when the forum is nicer than the official Derivative one. :lol:

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Congratulations Idz and all of the contributors, on the launch today of the Chop Chop Chop Marketplace today at the Touchdesigner 2018 Summit! Reading this announcement on the beta it shows the amazing amount of thought and effort you all have put into the creation of this incredible marketplace where ideas and innovation with this incredible program can be shared. I truly look forward to using and being a part of this extension to the community.

Rob McDonald

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